Peace of mind true companion care was a life saver, when my mother in law passed away. We live far away and really wanted some of her personal belongings to hold onto for our kids, photos, nick nacks.

We were unsure how we were to get these things, the housing unit wasn’t a lot of help. When we found the services of Peace of Mind, they packed up her stuff, and looked after it all for us. And the fee for such a awesome service was more than reasonable.

They were great to deal with, and really a comfort at a horrible time in our lives. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Thanks again.



Peace of mind companion care Sandi


We are truly grateful for the exceptional support and service that is provided for our Dad and take comfort in knowing that the care is helping to give him a better quality of life.  Living apart from Dad in another province makes it so difficult to meet many of his needs, especially for regular in-person interactions that make him feel special and support him with doing things for himself.  Peace of Mind Companion Care is always there for Dad and knowing that supports us as well.  Whether it’s a visit to the mall to buy a few personal items, a walk to get some ice-cream or an afternoon out to attend an event in town, we appreciate how the visits and outings are tailored based on Dad’s interests and needs.  We often hear from Dad about that, as well as how much he enjoys and looks forward to the company on each of their outings.  We also appreciate how they keep in touch with us, updating us about visits, sending photos and videos and keeping us apprised of how Dad is doing.  Peace of Mind Companion Care are gifted in caring for others, and go above and beyond to ensure exceptional care.  Thank-you so much!

Brian P and Beverly K.


Peace of mind companion care Sandi





Our mother was suddenly in the need of supportive and long term careImmediate family lived far away and her siblings lived close by but had family and responsibilities of their own-like everyone does.  It became a difficult and stressful time dealing with appointments, moving our mother from her home, hospital visits, meeting with agencies and on and on it went.  Often with little notice and with us being four hours away.  We contacted Peace of Mind Companion Care and immediately our lives became much better.  These warm, courteous, friendly and accommodating individuals were just a call or an e-mail away to answer our questions and to help us with appointments, shopping, transportation and helping with moving adjustments.  There is a fee, but it is reasonable.  One cannot expect that such a great service should come without a price tag.  Trust us, it is well worth it.  Payment is an easy process with several  payment options available.

We highly recommend this service.  Peace of Mind Companion Care has our email address and we are willing to be contacted should you want to discuss further.

Carol H.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Peace of mind companion care Sandi


Peace of Mind Companion Care has become not just a part of my Mother’s life, but of my life as well.  My Mother lives alone and our family all live out of the Dauphin area.  It is such a comfort to know that Mom has the companions at Peace of Mind Companion Care not only as concerned caregivers but it has been my experience that they are compassionate caregivers as well.  I have only heard good reports from my Mother about the ladies of Peace of Mind Companion Care when I have asked.

They truly make the time and the effort if any extra is needed, ensuring that their client is out of any discomfort or emotional distress.

They are also true companions with proven expertise in befriending and understanding even the most isolated and sheltered person.

We are always kept informed of visits and have received photographs of my Mother as well!

These two ladies of Peace of Mind Companion Care are truly fulfilling a great need in the community of Dauphin and surrounding area and doing it with the utmost of care, companionship and dependability.


British Columbia

Peace of mind companion care Sandi


Peace of Mind Companion Care became our life saver a year ago.  The term “sandwich generation” could be applied to my husband and I.  We were becoming very frustrated as we weren’t able to give our Moms, children and grandchildren the quality time we wanted to give them.  (Both of our Moms resided in two different personal care facilities in our community).

Once Peace of Mind Companion Care came on board, we were able to breath a sigh of relief.  Our Companions’s professionalism and caring attitude as well as her intuition enabled her to assess and then plan for each of our Moms.  My Mom needed more social interactions and outings and her companion initiated activities to address these needs.  My husband’s Mom experiences difficulties with Alzheimer’s disease and the issues that the disease presents.  Her companion took a completely different approach and planned her visits around the supper hour so that she could interact with Mom in a social activity and assist her with her nutrition as well.

Thank you Peace of Mind Companion Care for providing such an excellent service at a very reasonable rate.

Dave & Marg


Peace of mind companion care Sandi



Peace Of Mind Companion Care provided wonderful care for my Mom.  Our Companion really figured out who my Mom was as a person and understood her needs.  She did a variety of activities with her, all of which were suitable based on the stage my Mom was at.  She always treated my Mom with dignity, respect and warmth and she truly cared for herMom really enjoyed the time she spent with her companion.  Peace Of Mind Companion Care was very good at communicating their schedule and informing me of anything I needed to know about.  Their billing system was clear and accurate.  My Mom’s life was richer for Peace Of Mind Companion Care being part of it.  I highly recommend their services.


Peace of mind companion care Sandi



We were so happy we were able to find you on Google and locate such a wonderful companion for our dad.  Peace of Mind Companion Care was quick to respond to our request.  Although Dad has a lot of support from family and friends, this was our way of giving back and to help take some pressure off the rest of the family.  It gives us great relief to know Dad is getting some extra attention and affection every week.  He is very fond of his companion and looks forward to each visit.  She is a very kind and wonderful lady, everything one looks for in companion care.  She always goes above and beyond in her approach to providing quality care.  We look forward to her weekly updates. Keep up the good work!

Tari C & Diane L.

Calgary, Alberta

Peace of mind companion care Sandi