Why Companion Care?

Maybe you saw this coming, but wouldn’t let yourself think about it, hoping it would all sort itself out. Maybe you knew this day would come, but are shaken by how unprepared you really are. It’s affecting your relationships with your spouse, other family members and even friends. It’s starting to affect your work and your health. While everyone else is sleeping, you lay there trying to come up with a plan, feeling overwhelmed and alone. You feel inadequate and struggle with feelings of guilt that you aren’t able to be everywhere at once, be all things to all people. You juggle your own personal life, your own family, and your job.

You are NOT alone. This scenario is being played out in more families than you could ever imagine. Don’t wait until your family is deep in crisis. There are many levels of very good support for you and your loved one.

PEACE Of MIND COMPANION CARE, a non-medical companion care service, is one of them.

Let us be there when you can’t. It’s what we do.

Peace of mind companion care Sandi